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Searching for easy fundraising ideas for school, team or church? Our Jo Coffee® brand is the perfect fundraiser product. Certified Organic Coffee including eco-friendly single serve for Kuerig K-Cup® brewers.

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Nationwide Direct Home Delivery! Your members can promote your online fundraiser campaign by Twitter, Facebook or email to friends and family across the U.S. Sell online, face-to-face, or both. It is your choice!

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Your school or civic organization's logo and promotional message can be featured directly on every organic coffee fundraiser package! Unique and memorable! Download the PDF below.

Coffee fundraisers are one of the most successful fundraising ideas ever!  USDA Certified Organic coffee is a healthy choice! Fair Trade Certified coffee is an ethical choice! Since 86% of households already make coffee at home, it is a desired choice. It's time to skip candy and cookies!

With over 5000+ positive coffee reviews our Jo Coffee brand is one of Amazon's highest rated organic coffee brands. You can be confident your fundraiser supporters and customers will love it too. Great coffee makes people happy. Literally.

An optional key feature of our Jo Coffee® Fundraisers is our ability to co-brand each of your coffee packages with your own logo and slogan. What a great way to add value and make your fundraiser coffee truly unique. They will think of you with a smile with every sip they take!

Typical profit margin is 42% or $5.00 per package, if you match our own pricing ($11.99/unit) for traditional face-to-face fundraiser campaigns, with bulk delivery. However, higher margins are possible depending on your marketplace, as you can set a higher selling price.
In addition to always successful, traditional face-to-face campaigns, your members can also sell online.  Online margins are lower (12%) since we pay for all the home delivery shipping fees and shipping materials to your online customer.Traditional face-to-face campaigns are more profitable but with Nationwide Direct Home Delivery, your team members can promote sales to their own Facebook, Twitter and email friends & family wherever they live. Your team clicks, and we do all the work for you by shipping directly to their home. Promote online, face-to-face, or both. It is your choice!

Simply apply we will email you pricing and the Jo Coffee Fundraising Program & Terms PDF without any obligation.

♦ Download the Jo Coffee Fundraisers brochure.
♦ Download the Jo Coffee Fundraiser Product List brochure.

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♦ We offer 4 different USDA Certified Organic, eco-friendly SingleCup Jo items for single serve Keurig K-Cup® type brewers, including Keurig® 1.0 and the newest Keurig® 2.0 brewers. No plastic cups! In our filter cup technology, the coffee blooms providing far superior flavor extraction. Our eco-friendly filter cups are better for the environment with far less packaging waste.

♦ We offer 18 different Jo Coffee bagged (9 whole bean and 9 ground coffee) items and are USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified. These come in 12 oz. packages in whole bean or ground format including a very hard to find USDA Certified Organic decaf.

Delivery & Branding Options

Jo Coffee Brand, Jo Coffee CoBranded and Private Label Packaging & Delivery Options:

Delivery Options:

♦ Jo Coffee Brand > Bulk Delivery To One Location, Nationwide Direct Home Delivery
♦ Jo Coffee CoBranded > Bulk Delivery To One Location, Nationwide Direct Home Delivery
♦ Private Label Packaging Brand > Bulk Delivery To One Location (Nationwide Direct Home Delivery Not Available)

Branding Options:

♦ Jo Coffee Branded > Jo Coffee Standard Label
♦ Jo Coffee CoBranded > Jo Coffee Standard Label + Custom Fundraiser Label
♦ Private Label Coffee Brand  > Completely Private Labeling (No direct delivery)

Jo Coffee Fundraiser Features

♦ Promote to your friends and family anywhere and sell online instantly with nationwide Direct Home Delivery! Shipped within 2 - 3 days! ♦ You get your own free customized web hosted PDF Fundraiser Sales Page  ♦ Send your organization's Sales Page URL link to your Facebook, Twitter or email friends and family. Print it for face-to-face sales or send it as an attachment by email. ♦ Free customized printable order forms for traditional door-to-door face-to-face campaigns!  ♦ Free customized printable hand-out coupons for ordering! ♦ Top sellers can win a Jo Coffee T-Shirt or Jo Coffee Baseball Cap! ♦ With optional Co-Branding your full color logo and promotional message can be printed and applied to every package for both Direct Home Delivery or Bulk Delivery orders! ♦ Your campaign's combined Bulk order will be produced and shipped to one central location at the end of your campaign.

Fundraiser Application Form

Click Apply and we will email you pricing and the Jo Coffee Fundraising Program & Terms PDF without any obligation.

♦ Download Jo Coffee Fundraisers
♦ Download Jo Coffee Fundraiser Product List
♦ Download Sample Sales Brochure
♦ Download Sample Sales Handout Coupons

Private Label Coffee: Completely private label packaging fundraiser coffee programs are available for larger campaigns. Online sales of private label coffee from our website is not available nor direct home delivery. Only Bulk delivery to one location is required.  Click Private Label Coffee to connect with Jo's parents for private label account inquiries.

  • 1 “Our last year's coffee fundraiser was so successful we're planning to do it again this year!” (Sharon Elstein Magruder HS Rockville, MD)

  • 2 "Our tennis team found the Jo Coffee fundraising easy and profitable. Selling points included the coffee is great tasting, Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Customer feedback was excellent." (Jeff Martin Westonka Boys Tennis, Mound MN)

  • 3“I bought some of your Morning Jo for my grandson's fundraiser. I will echo other testimonials that say this is the best coffee i have had.” ( Linda Anderson, Brainerd MN )

  • 4 “You guys are great and your coffee is awesome!” ( Randy and Judy Lightfoot, Petosky MI )

    Read 5000+ Amazon Positive Coffee Reviews and Feedback

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